Road transport and forwarding

Simply Order is a comprehensive support for your business in the field of transport and storage of goods - you order transport, we do the rest. We provide a wide range of services including national and international road transport, ADR transport, forwarding, warehousing, convenient unloading of cargo with a mobile forklift and 3PL contract logistics. Being a large transport company with a well-established position in the industry, we are aware that it takes much more than just a haulage licence to run a successful transport and logistics business - we rely on state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions to constantly develop our range and guarantee superior quality of service. We truly understand the expectations of our customers with reference to our transport company. Every order we complete is customized; we choose optimal solutions that the goods are delivered on time and with no risk of damage. Acting as a forwarder, logistics company, transport and storage company, earned us our unique position to deliver a complete service so that your goods reach their destination quickly and efficiently.



Our transport company boasts a modern fleet meeting the highest standards, which is able to address even the most demanding challenges - we have more than 250 trucks, including MEGA trailers, road trains and units with mobile forklifts. All our trucks are equipped with a modern telematics system, are certified to PN EN 12642 Code XL and meet the stringent Euro 6 environmental standards, while being suitable for the transport of hazardous materials. With steady investment in development, our fleet grows by more than 50 units year-by-year.


The effectiveness of our services is backed by the skilled team. Our employees know their job and enjoy what they do. We have our own logistics and warehousing centre, service station, petrol station and even a food truck - all this allows us to streamline our operations and perform better and better. What makes us unique? Clear standards, high work culture, strong safety standards and a constant desire to develop and gain new qualifications. We treasure professionalism and reliability, so our offer is not just empty words - if we promise, we deliver.


The safety of your cargo is our priority, which is why we track down its route from loading to delivery. We provide more than standard transport companies, with us you can count on - the Account Managers available 24/7, flexible approach to cooperation, implementation of special orders such as hazardous materials ADR and mobile forklift services. Every stage of the service is at the heart of our attention, from warehousing, through logistics and shipping, so that your goods arrive at the place exactly when you need them.


Our fleet allows us to transport loads of various sizes and types, and thanks to a specially adapted fleet we are also able provide ADR transport. To ensure smooth deliveries without delays or complications, we equip our trucks with the leading-edge technological solutions for the transport industry - all systems and equipment are continuously updated and serviced to ensure maximum efficiency. We use a state-of-the-art telematics system, integrate with WMS/TMS systems and guarantee constant GPS monitoring.


We have been working in a partner atmosphere for over 10 years… It's worth trusting them.

Anna Toczko
Logistics Manager; Paroc

Always ready to help. A good partner in logistics.

Wilco Degenkamp
Supervisor Fleet Manager; Kingspan

They always look after my transport and look for the best solution at the best price.

Gabriel Marie
Managing Director; La Grande Ferme

We operate
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Together with FC Koziołki from Poznań, we are building a pitch for the team. We hope that together we will raise talents such as Robert Lewandowski.

FC Koziołki

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