is a marathon,
not a race.

We are a growing company - we are able to make the difference - and we want to be one. We complete our part of corporate social responsibility by such initiatives as environmental and ecological stewardship, supporting education, people's passion and sport.

We play
with a sport club
KS Koziołek Poznań!

KS Koziołek Poznań is an exceptional sport club! The club is run with passion, drawing on excellent practices from abroad, innovative ideas and consistency in pursuit of goals. KS Koziołek boasts nearly 250 players in 11 teams. Each team trains under the supervision of two coaches - we focus on effective work with the main emphasis laid on technique!

We cheer on
the NoMercy
parachute team

NoMercy is one of the world's best and most successful Polish team in team parachute aerobatics (FS4 - formation skydiving in a team of four). The winning team consists of: Maja Ważniewicz, Kinga Komorowska, Iwona Raczkiewicz, Karina Laszuk, Olimpia Patej. For NoMercy we were performing the honourable role of Sponsor - proudly supporting the exceptional passion and success of the team!

We cook for the
Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation (WOŚP)

We fed over 1000 people during the 27th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity! Marathon Food Truck and Poznańscy Kucharze Razem (Poznań Cooks Together) developed a unique project, where at Poznań Mickiewicza Square we filled the stomachs of the people in Poznan having fun during the finale - at the same time filling up the fundraising boxes of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. We are already looking forward for the next finale!

We are a strategic sponsor
of the Polish Logistics Contest

We are a Strategic Sponsor of the Polish Logistics Contest. The Contest has been placed by the Central Examination Board as a permanent item in the list of thematic tournaments and contests pertaining to a selected field of professional knowledge, the winners and finalists of which are exempted from the written stage of the examination confirming professional qualifications.