Truck with
a forklift.
Smooth unloading
of transport

For your convenience, we provide a comprehensive service that does not end with the mere delivery of the cargo to the target location, we also ensure the unloading of your transport. With a mobile forklift truck, we are able to unload the truck fast - even under demanding conditions. Regardless of the size and type of products being transported, our employees will handle the task quickly and professionally.



We not only ensure that our trucks are properly equipped, but also that our drivers represent appropriate professional background. All our drivers hold the necessary licences to operate a forklift truck and have attended training to use it safely and effectively to unload your transport in the shortest possible time and without risk of damage. Your goods are in good hands - we will deliver and unload all products efficiently, so you don't need to worry about it.


A unit with a forklift truck is a convenient solution to reduce unloading times. The forklift truck is suspended from the rear of the trailer - properly secured during transport, it protects both the forklift truck and the transported goods from damage, and before unloading the driver can easily detach the forklift to begin work right away. This makes it possible to start unloading materials as soon as they arrive at the site.


In Western European countries this method of transporting goods is already commonplace, nonetheless units equipped with forklift trucks have not established their place in Poland with all the convenience it provides - we are one of the few transport companies in the country that have introduced this service to their range. We are committed to providing services at the superior level, in line with the highest standards in the industry, which is why we are keen to reach for innovative solutions.


It works well both in individual deliveries in hard-to-reach places as well as large logistics projects, where we can unload up to 20 FTL loads at a time.


We have been working in a partner atmosphere for over 10 years… It's worth trusting them.

Anna Toczko
Logistics Manager; Paroc

They always look after my transport and look for the best solution at the best price.

Gabriel Marie
Managing Director; La Grande Ferme

Always ready to help. A good partner in logistics.

Wilco Degenkamp
Supervisor Fleet Manager; Kingspan

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