Our company delivers professional services in the field of ADR – transport of hazardous materials on domestic and international routes, storage of ADR goods in specially designed storage spaces, full logistical support and provision of transport documentation in accordance with the requirements of the transported load. We are able to carry out ADR transport of such substances as aerosols, caustic and inflammable materials, chemical and industrial products – we ensure transport in accordance with current laws and regulations, by using appropriate safety measures.


The transport of hazardous materials poses very different challenges to drivers compared to other modes of transport. Special care must be taken in the handling of the materials being transported, and specific procedures for the various types of hazardous goods must be followed - along with the use of appropriate protective equipment, to ensure the safety of both the driver and the materials in transit. Our drivers hold all the legally required licences and qualifications, and valid training certificates.


We have a modern warehouse for storing ADR hazardous materials - it is a separate section of the warehouse area of 2000 m2 intended only for hazardous goods. The warehouse is adapted to the requirements of storing hazardous goods - it provides adequate conditions for storing and is equipped with all the necessary tools and security measures for effective warehouse management. We ensure professional unloading and loading on site, and the safety of your goods is supervised by our competent team of warehouse operatives and logisticians.

Half-measures and unproven solutions are not the option - our services draw on professionalism, experience and detailed knowledge of the operation and requirements of our industry. We provide comprehensive transport of hazardous goods, covering every stage of your cargo's journey from loading, through transport and unloading, including storing it in the storage space we provide - a convenient solution if your company does not have suitable conditions for storing such materials. Go into quality and reliability. With us, you can be sure that your goods will always be stored in proper conditions during transport and storage, and that a team of specialists who know their job very well will attend to the timeliness and efficiency of deliveries.

Waldemar Kucz

Cargo Hub Manager

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