The idea of SIMPLY ORDER obliges!

19 March 2021 |

Following our idea, we ordered SIMPLY ORDER, and ESA Trucks Polska and Gniotpol Trailers DO THE REST! The result of cooperation are new vehicles in the new version. …

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We are building the largest Ecommerce Hub in Poland. Comprehensive logistic support for large e-shops.

20 February 2021 |

Mail order has posted a material growth in recent years, and so has the logistics market. As of today we know that these two industries are strongly intercoupled. Orders placed by online shops account for a large share of business pursued by transport companies, and some are focused exclusively on e-commerce orders. On the other hand, mail order shops have to establish a permanent cooperation with transport companies in order to get the parcel to the customer in the most expedite manner. Day by day thousands of trucks in Poland carry consignments galore to reach their recipients.

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