We specialise in international transport of up to 118 cubic metres with 38 pallet places (JUMBO type units) and up to 100 cubic metres with 33 pallet places (MEGA type semitrailers). We own and operate our fleet, consisting of modern trucks suitable for special transports and transport of hazardous materials - regardless of the type and size of the cargo we will be able to offer you solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Experience, updated fleet, reliance on the state-of-the-art technology, size of coverage allow us to carry our transport in Poland and throughout Europe and a highly qualified team - our range includes comprehensive solutions for efficient transport of goods.



We are aware that the timeliness of cargo collection and delivery has an impact on the planning and efficiency of your production. We provide international logistic transport, a service that allows each stage of transport to be rigidly planned- we will pick up your goods and deliver them on time. Our word is our bond - when we take on an order, we leverage our expertise as an international freight forwarder and put all the tools at our disposal to work to accurately estimate the time needed to cover a route and ensure that the order is delivered smoothly, timely and in the way that makes a good business sense for you.


Convenient and efficient loading expedites warehouse operations and facilitates truck transport. Accordingly, all our units meet the requirements of transport of various types and sizes of goods: the passage trapezoid - for loading of the entire unit at once, and the sliding and lifting roofs - for side and top loading. We also provide transport units with a mobile forklift, so we can unload the cargo ourselves, for example on a construction site - our drivers hold the necessary licences to handle those tasks. Choose a convenient solution for your cargo!


All our vehicles are certified with PN EN 12642 Code XL (secure cargo), certified with the SAFETY LOCK cargo securing system and meet the Euro 6 exhaust emission standard. We also hold an OCP insurance policy - EURO 1 000 000 per event. The standard equipment of our fleet is aluminium bodywork and full aluminium casing. Further, we have fitted state-of-the-art telematics systems in all our trucks and units, which are used to manage transport, fleet, drivers, loads and orders - a convenient solution for tracking your transport in real time.


Dedicated Account Managers relate to the specifics of your business to grasp its needs and ensure smooth execution of the order to the superior standards and at optimal costs. Our transport, logistics and forwarding services are professional and efficient - a guarantee of perfect operation of your international transport on time and smoothly. We pride ourselves on our linguistic proficiency, legal expertise, specifics and requirements of road transport of goods in individual countries. With a round-the-clock contact with an Account Manager you may supervise your cargo in any situation.


We render services in the TSL industry (transport-freight forwarding-logistics) throughout Europe, attending not only to efficient truck transport and timely delivery of your goods to their destination, but also to fast delivery of necessary transport documents - we believe that the optimal international forwarding requires a comprehensive approach and efficient order processing. Thanks to full telematics - including scanners in our trucks, and efficient work of our team who constantly watches over your cargo, documents will reach you within 24 hours! We send our invoices electronically.



We provide transport of FTL and LTL throughout the European Union, every day our trucks travel on the roads in such countries as: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland. We also travel to the UK and the Baltic countries including Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We provide fast and timely international transports on all these routes with tracking the transport and support of dedicated Account Managers.

Our fleet is dominated by JUMBO type trailers, we have more than 350 and the number is still growing. The minority includes MEGA type semitrailers, we have 30.



• volume: 118 cubic meters
• pallet places: 38
• load capacity: up to 22 tons
• internal length: 7.70 m + 7.70 m
• internal width: 2.48 m
• internal height: 3.02 m

Standard options:
• drive-through trapezes enabling quick loading without detaching the trailer
• sliding roof lifted on both sides (regardless of the sides), facilitating side and top loading
• full aluminum decking


• volume: 100 cubic meters
• pallet places: 33
• load capacity: up to 24 tons
• internal length: 13.60 m
• width 2.48 m
• internal height: 3.00 m

Standard options:
• sliding roof lifted on both sides (regardless of the sides), facilitating side and top loading
• full aluminum decking

Our own fleet consists of 380 new, reliable trucks and a team of qualified drivers with valid licences and training certificates - including forklift licences to unload goods and carry out ADR transport. This means we can handle any order, even those with specialist requirements. Our drivers travel across Europe day by day - from Finland to Portugal. Call us and tell us the direction we should move your cargo!



We have been working in a partner atmosphere for over 10 years… It's worth trusting them.

Anna Toczko
Logistics Manager; Paroc

They always look after my transport and look for the best solution at the best price.

Gabriel Marie
Managing Director; La Grande Ferme

Always ready to help. A good partner in logistics.

Wilco Degenkamp
Supervisor Fleet Manager; Kingspan

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