How to become a truck driver

11 March, 2021 |

Quoting after statistics, there are currently around 650 000 professional drivers working in Poland. What is more, with the transport industry on the rise, companies are on a lookout for new hires. The abundance of job offers coupled with attractive salaries translates into considerable interest in work in this profession. Can anyone do this job? What steps should be taken to become a truck driver?

What licences and qualifications are required to drive a truck?
From enrolment on the course to the first order – how long does it take?

The driving licence course for category C+E consists of 20 hours of lectures on theory and 25 hours of driving. This must also include an in-school mock test. The time of the course depends mainly on the driving school and how often you have to drive. It usually takes between 1.5 and 3 months. Once you have completed the course, sign up for the theoretical and practical tests. Here the waiting time depends on the number of people waiting for their test.

Once you have collected your driving licence and other licences and certificates, you can start looking for a job. Transport companies are always looking for truck drivers. All you have to do is move